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or to schedule an appointment for your Personal Color Me Beautiful Color Analysis, contact Jeannine Moore at

Special Packages and Services

Three-Hour Color Consultation - $165 plus tax

• Analysis of skin tone and eye color, and a draping of all the best colors that support your skin and eyes (2 hours).
• Application of make-up using the same principles of color in applying make-up to the face (1 hour).
• Includes a Swatch Packet of all your best colors rated just to support you and your best look.

Two-Hour Color Consultation - $140 plus tax

Same as above without the make-up instruction.

Group and Corporate Lecturing

Jeannine Moore is available as a color consultant for lecturing to large groups or corporations. Please contact Jeannine for more information.

Jeannine Moore, certified color consultant

For More Information

or to schedule an appointment for your Personal Color Me Beautiful Color Analysis, contact Jeannine Moore at


"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you so very much for making it such a special weekend for my friends and sister last Saturday. They loved you and loved the colors. They have all returned to Europe clutching their swatches and determined to carry on with your excellent advice. We have all adopted the make-up tips too - so thank you again very much."
- Geraldine Hedger, Bronxville, NY

"Color changes everything. Jeannine Moore has the precise analytical 'eye' that will create the color palette of your life! Jeannine changed the way I used color to maximize all of my attributes."
- Margie Martin, makeup artist for film, print and television, IATSE Local 798

"I went to Jeannine Moore for color consultation more than 15 years ago. I was so impressed with her expertise that I brought family and friends to have consultations. I have continued to follow her recommendations both in my makeup and wardrobe."
- Millie Kilimet, New Jersey school teacher

"As former and present flight attendants, we are naturally particularly aware of the value of appearance. You have given us a whole new way of looking at color as a support to looking our very best. Our membership is unanimously enthusiastic about you and the work you are doing. Not only are you thoroughly professional and knowledgeable about your subject, you are a delight to be around as well!"
- Shelia Saunders, Event Chairman, Manhattan Chapter, World Wings International

"Ms. Moore, this was one of our best Brown Bag seminars! I want to send you a special 'thank you' from all the administrative staff of Ernst & Young for sharing your expertise and making our lunch hour a pleasant experience."
- Sandra Washington, Ernst & Young

"Thank you for making me feel so special at a much needed time... Hopefully, others can feel as wonderful as you have made me feel."
- Cindi

"You have a very excellent eye for colors and I greatly appreciate you instructing mine! Imagine if I had spent all my money on sallowing colors!"
- Nancy Lewis

"My sincere thanks for your loving assistance to this part of my life. I now feel much more confident and attractive in my style in my colors in my own skin. Wouldn't it be great to look around the streets of Manhattan and see everyone wearing their most becoming colors and cuts?"
- Anne Moss

"Just a note to thank you once again for being an important person in assisting in my transformation. Looking for, appreciating and dressing in my colors is a daily source of joy."
- Savannah

"It meant so much to me; thank you so much for the time and energy you put into my initial consultation. I always thought it was so great of you to put so much time into your clients. I know it changed my looks a great deal!"
- Jean